Roof Top Solar Loan

Roof Top Solar Loan

India is on the verge of a solar revolution, with the government promoting green energy. Solar products are becoming popular on both the private and commercial levels. Rooftop solutions is a simple and affordable way to increase your saving and at the same time make the environment clean. Let’s contribute to making the environment green by switching to rooftop solar which helps you reduce your electricity bills. Avail hassle-free loans with simple finance schemes for both residential and commercial use.

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    Loan Tenure:

    Non- Collateralized: 5 Years Maximum & Collateralized: 10 Years Maximum

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    Loan Amount:

    Minimum: ₹ 1,00,000 & Maximum: ₹ 5 lakhs (Non-Collateralized)

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    Competitive interest rates

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    Simplified documents

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