Shivalik Green Card

Shivalik Green Card

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Providing easy credit solutions for farmers to sustain expenses related to cultivation and working capital requirements as they can now pay in easy instalments with low competitive interest rates. Shivalik bank provides timely credit for crop cultivation, Investment credit for Direct Agriculture purposes, allied activities and consumption requirement.

For irrigated lands (1 acres and above): Maximum loan ceiling for ranges from Rs.1 Lac to 20 Lac (maximum ceiling is not valid for medicinal and herbal plants, hi-tech agriculture and plantation crops)



  • Farmer’s with ancestral/perpetual rights. All major applicant up to age of 60 years, above 60 years legal heir is mandatory.
  • Not being defaulters to any credit institution.


    • 5 Years


    Quantum of finance

    • Quantum of finance is based up on the land under cultivation, cropping pattern & scale of finance.



    • Primary: Hypothecation of crop & assets created out of bank finance.
    • Collateral: Mortgaged of agricultural land.


    Documents required

    • KYC of Borrower/Co-borrower/Guarantor
    • Loan Application Form
    • Existing Track record (if applicable)
    • Copy of Land records
    • Latest updated passbook/bank statement
    • Non-encumbrance and Title Report

    All loans are applicable to actual bank charges which include valuation, legal and all actual bank charges

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