Reverse Mortgage

Reverse Mortgage


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Independence at an old age is not just important but also respectful. Don’t fret due to lack of regular income at an old age and live a life of dignity and pride. A reverse loan is a great option for you to manage your daily medical expenses and other daily expenses without being dependent on your kids or other family members for the same.


  • Residential house/ flat owner (above 60 years)
  • Residential unit should be in his/her single name or jointly with his/her spouse, with clear title in his/her/their name(s)
  • In case of joint account, one of the spouses must be of the age of 60 years & above, while the other spouse should be non-working


  • Max period can be 20 years

Loan to value

  • Maximum annuity value will depend on 70% of the property value.
  • Maximum qualifying amount of loan along with interest shall be restricted to Rs.100 lacs.

Documents Required

  • ID and Address Proof
  • PAN Card
  • Existing Track Record (If available)
  • Assets & Liabilities Statement & Supporting Documents
  • Non-encumbrance &Title Report
  • Valuation Report
  • Copy of property insurance with banker’s clause
  • Declaration from the applicant’s legal heir so as to inform that their parents are taking reverse mortgage loan against the property mortgage with detail of property (personal guarantee recommended)
  • Undertaking from the applicant that the applicant shall not sell this mortgage property and will not let out this property and will use for their personal residing before adjustment of proposed loan
  • Declaration from the borrower bank that charge will not affect if the customer is? making any will/registered will before mortgage of this property.

*Share Capital for regular members will be Rs. 100/- (upto Rs. 10.00 lac) and Rs. 500/- (above Rs. 10.00 Lac to Rs. 50.00 Lac).
*All loans are applicable to actual bank charges which include valuation, legal and all actual bank charges

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