Mini SHG

Mini SHG

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Limit sanction of Rs. 2.50 Lacs to Self Help Group subject to Ist DP set Rs. 75,000/- or six times of savings (whichever is higher) and max. 1.00 Lac.


  • Group size (Min 10 -Max 20)
  • Age Limit is 18 yrs to 60 yrs.
  • OD limit will be sanction after minimum four regular savings.?A/c opening date will be considered as Ist month’s saving.
  • Grading of the SHG must be done before any disbursement. Grading format is available in group’s register.
  • All SHG members need to open their individual savings a/c before sanctioning the loan.


  • 5 years


  • Resolution passed for applying sanctioning of OD Limit.
  • Recommendation from Block Coordinator of Janhit Foundation Confirmation
  • Letter of opening SB a/c of all members from Block Coordinator.


  • Personal Guarantee of Group members


  • DP revision will be considered after six months after the last disbursement after grading of a group.
  • Share Capital for regular members will be Rs. 100/- (upto Rs. 10.00 lac) and Rs. 500/- (above Rs. 10.00 Lac to Rs. 50.00 Lac).
  • All loans are applicable to actual bank charges which include valuation, legal and all actual bank charges

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