Loans Against Warehouse

Loans Against Warehouse


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Boost the growth of your business and thrive as you leave the financial stress with us. Now, you can use your warehouse receipts to avail a loan from Shivalik bank. Worry more about the operational and other important business decisions rather than fretting over your financial requirements.

Avail up to 60% on the basis of warehouse receipts of the pulses (Masoor, Doller chana, Desi chana and Vishal chana), Wheat mustard seeds, soya been and Oats.


  • Must be a farmer/trader


  • 12 months or arrival of new crop whichever is earlier

Documents required

  • ID and Address Proof
  • Existing Track record
  • Income viability sheet
  • Balance sheet and other supporting financials
  • Valuation Report
  • Non-encumbrance and Title Report
  • Proof of Income/Self-assessment from borrower
  • Copy property insurance with banker’s clause

In case of a Proprietorship/Partnership/Company

  • Registration certificate or proof of carrying on the business in case of a proprietorship
  • Copy of partnership deed in case of partnership
  • Memorandum and articles of association in case of company
  • Certificate of registration of company in case of company

*Share Capital for regular members will be Rs. 100/- (upto Rs. 10.00 lac) and Rs. 500/- (above Rs. 10.00 Lac to Rs. 50.00 Lac).
*All loans are applicable to actual bank charges which include valuation, legal and all actual bank charges

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