Loan For Micro SSI Unit

Loan For Micro SSI Unit


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Grow your business at the right time with timely loan approvals to enhance profitability and productivity. Supporting the stance of independence, Shivalik Bank provides finance to small businesses for purposes like managing working capital requirement or asset/machinery purchase and provides loan on the basis of turnover of the firm and other business parameters.


  • Proprietorship/Partnership/Firm/company H.U.F.


  • Period of Finance is up 15 years

Documents required

  • ID and Address Proof
  • Existing Track record
  • Income viability sheet
  • Balance sheet and other supporting financials
  • Valuation Report
  • Non-encumbrance and Title Report
  • Proof of Income/Self-assessment from borrower
  • Copy property insurance with banker’s clause
  • Current year’s estimated financial statements
  • Registration certificate or proof of carrying on the business in case of a proprietorship
  • Copy of partnership deed in case of partnership
  • Memorandum and articles of association in case of company
  • Certificate of registration of company in case of company


  • Insurance of building / equipment / furniture and fixtures is required

*Share Capital for regular members will be Rs. 100/- (upto Rs. 10.00 lac) and Rs. 500/- (above Rs. 10.00 Lac to Rs. 50.00 Lac).
*All loans are applicable to actual bank charges which include valuation, legal and all actual bank charges

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