SMS Banking

At Shivalik Bank, we constantly try to make banking effortless for you so now, we are just a message away. We value your time and we appreciate your commitment with us, hence we don’t want you to be hassled while you undergo your daily activities with the bank.

SMS Banking will not just be a quick and effective means to get your routine activities get on track, but will also help in detecting any unauthorized access to your account. So get going and just follow these instructions.

For one-time mobile registrations, send keyword REG (space) 12-Digit Account Number to +919211401010
For Daily Bank Activity Transactions, SMS “Keyword” to 919211401010 to carry forward these listed transactions.

REG – Register your account. Example: REG <space> 12-Digit Account Number

DEREG – To deregister your account. Example: DEREG <space> 12-Digit Account Number

BAL– Check your bank balance. Example: BAL <space> 12-Digit Account Number

MINI– Check mini statement. Example: MINI <space> 12-Digit Account Number

CHQBOOK– For checkbook request. Example: CHQBOOK <space> 12-Digit Account Number

CHQSTOP– to stop a cheque SMS CHQSTOP <space> 12-Digit Account Number <space> Cheque Number

CHQSTATUS– Know your check status SMS CHQSTATUS <space> 12-Digit Account Number <space> Cheque Number

DIGIACT Y – To activate your Internet & Mobile Banking SMS DIGIACT Y

HOT– To block your ATM card, SMS HOT <space> 12-Digit Account Number <space> Last 4 digits of Shivalik Bank ATM card number

SEED– To link Aadhar card with your account, SMS SEED <space> 12-Digit Account Number <space> 12-digit aadhaar number

CHKSEED– To check your Aadhar status, SMS CHKSEED <space> 12-Digit Account Number

BOOKFD– To book FD, SMS BOOKFD <space> 12-Digit Saving Account Number <space> Amount of the FD <space> Tenure of the FD in months <space> Payment options(P/I)
Example: For booking a fixed deposit of INR 10,000 for 11 months with payment mode as reinvestment the following SMS need to be sent: BOOKFD 123456789012 10000 11M I

MMID– To generate your MMID pin, SMS MMID <space> 12-Digit Account Number

EPIN–To generate EPIN, SMS EPIN <space> 12-Digit Account Number <space> Last 4 digits of Shivalik Bank ATM card number. You will receive a Reference Number this number should be shown in branch then you will receive a OTP on your registered mobile number, by using this OTP you can generate EPIN through Shivalik bank ATM machine.

To know more visit your nearest branch.