POS Machine

Make your business grow with technology. Going cashless is the not just a new regulation but is now the most trending developments we have witnessed. At Shivalik Bank, we want to see your business grow from strength to strength and with the increase in cashless transactions, POS machines seem to be mandatory to carry on day-to-day business transactions.

Nurturing growth, Nurturing business relationships!!

  • Boost your sales instantly: Cash is pass√©; credit and debit cards are trending like never before.
  • Around the clock help: Our staff at Shivalik Bank is fully trained and equipped to assist you with any installation needs through a 24 x 7 x 365 helpline.
  • Save time with instant credit: No need to store the cash and count the change. You will get instant credit in your account.
  • Happy client: Accept all Visa/ MasterCard/RuPay cards for payment.
  • EMV Compliant: Terminals are EMV compliant and can accept chip-based cards besides signature and PIN-based cards.
  • Protection against theft: Get protection from unnecessary thefts and burglary with lesser cash transactions.
  • Reporting at periodic intervals: Generate customized reports at periodic intervals.

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