Debit Card

EMV chip card has a microchip embedded in the Shivalik Small Finance Bank debit card. The chip is difficult to tamper with and therefore provides enhanced security to your transactions. You can get an EMV Chip Debit Card by visiting our nearest branch.

Shivalik Small Finance Bank offers EMV chip Rupay Debit card in two variants Shivalik Classic RuPay Debit Card & Shivalik Platinum RuPay Debit Card.


Some of the benefits of the Shivalik debit cards are below:

  • Access at all merchant establishments and ATMs that accept Rupay cards in India
  • Cashless transactions
  • Online shopping
  • SMS alert for all the transaction done using Debit Card
  • Special offers and discounts

Apply Now
Apply now for debit card through Shivalik Mobile Banking App or contact your nearest branch.


Online Debit Card PIN Generation

You can now Activate Your Debit Card or Regenerate Debit Card PIN without NetBanking or visiting the ATM.
For more details, visit.