Cash Deposit Machine

Have you been a victim of long queues and form filling activities at the bank for just depositing your daily cash?

For a simple transaction of depositing cash, we have installed Cash Deposit Machines at all our branches, where you can deposit your cash and get instant credit in your account. Use your valid Shivalik account ID and follow the simple instructions on the screen of the machine.

Why CDM?

It’s not just safe, it also gives you the advantage to deposit cash after banking hours and extending the availability to Sunday and other holidays. If this is not enough, we will give you more as to why you should use our CDMs
  • No need to fill deposit slips.
  • Get an Immediate receipt and Instant credit in your account.
  • No need to sort and arrange your cash denomination wise.
  • Get a transactional SMS on your registered mobile.

* As per RBI guidelines, you may deposit only up to Rs. 49,999 per account per day if your PAN number is not updated with the Bank. To deposit more than Rs. 49,999, please update your PAN detail by visiting any Shivalik Bank’s Branch.

To know more visit your nearest branch.