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At Shivalik Bank, flexibility is a key concern. We offer flexible growth options for your savings. Just by keeping a certain amount of money aside every month, you can see a huge growth in the value of your money over time.

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Product Features

  • Minimum Installment amount is Rs. 10/- p.m. (thereafter in multiples of Rs. 10/-) and there are no limits on the maximum amount.
  • 25 times of the core amount can be deposited in any month (in multiples of the core amount).
  • No Standing Instructions Charges
  • No interest is payable if account is closed before 15 days before maturity
  • Only1% penalty is to be levied on applicable rate of interest on prematurity.
  • No auto renewal in this scheme after maturity. Maturity amount will be credited in the SB/CA Account of the depositor in absence of any other instructions.

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