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Your savings deserve the best returns.

Planning to throw a royal wedding, or purchasing a home/car or investing in your child’s future? What we offer you is the best you will find in the market. Don’t think twice as we provide you with attractive fixed deposit schemes, which are tailored to meet your timely needs.

Product Features

  • Latest rate of interest and the number of days can be ascertained here.
  • Short Deposit Receipt: Issued maximum period of 179 days. Check for the latest interest rates here
  • Monthly Income Certificate: Get monthly interest deposited in your savings account and withdraw easily with the help of your ATM-cum-Debit Card.
  • Quarterly Income Certificate: Get interest on your deposited amount at undiscounted rates at the end of every quarter.
  • Reinvestment Deposit: Earn the most with this one as the interest since it gets compounded every quarter.

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