Be Safe when banking from Home

Dear Customer,

In response to the Government’s efforts to contain COVID-19, and in our endeavour to ensure the safety and well-being of our customers and employees, our branches are operating at a significantly reduced capacity.

Our online banking services are safe and secure and we urge you to access Shivalik Bank Internet Baking or use the Shivalik Mobile Banking App on Android and Apple devices. Given the current situation surrounding COVID-19, unscrupulous entities may target unsuspecting users using Malware that trick internet users to download and run a malicious application that compromise the security of their computer or mobile devices.

We therefore recommend some basic do’s and don’ts while transacting online:

  1. Do not open e-mail links or attachments related to this topic (including automated calls or text messages) unless you can validate the source.
  2. Do not respond to special offers or promotions for Coronavirus linked products or services.
  3. Do not use public Wi-Fi.
  4. Do assess the legitimacy of the sites you visit.

Do note that Shivalik Bank and our staff do not ask for any sensitive (eg. CVV, PIN etc) or account information to be submitted online or on phone.

We thank you for your cooperation, and look forward to your support and consideration during these challenging times.

Yours sincerely,

Shivalik Small Finance Bank