About Us

Shivalik became the first Small Finance Bank in India to transition from an Urban Co-operative Bank. We have over 24 years of banking experience in offering retail banking products and services.

Shivalik has been technology focussed since inception with consumer centricity as a key guiding principle. The Bank is powered by Infosys Finacle Core Banking and Digital Banking Suite including internet and mobile banking. The cloud based architecture provides the Bank with unmatched agility to cost effectively manage scale and power growth. Shivalik is available on all retail payment platforms and is a direct member of the National Financial Switch.

We are Proud to Serve Our


Lakh unique




Exclusive BC branches

Our Vision

To be a trusted financial services provider and model employer focusing on small and underserved segments through the delivery of digitally focused, affordable products and differentiated customer experience.


  • right-icon.png Socially responsible impact lender
  • right-icon.png Digital first approach across products and service offerings
  • right-icon.png Financial inclusion and increasing financial literacy
  • right-icon.png Innovator in financial products and processes
  • right-icon.png Aim to become a complete solution provider to our customers
  • right-icon.png Environment, social and governance (ESG) compliant
  • Create value for all stakeholders - Society, Employees,
    Customer, Organization and Shareholders in that order


Strong Relationship

  • Building Trust & Relationships
  • Mutual Respect for One Another
  • Going The Extra Mile
  • Customer Service Oriented DNA

Socially Responsible

  • Create Value for Society
  • Financial Inclusion and Equality
  • Financial Literacy
  • For the Environment

Focussed on
Future Readiness

  • Digital First
  • Innovation as a Virtue
  • Agility and Speed
  • Entrepreneurial Spirit

Being Ethical and Moral

  • Honesty
  • Transparency
  • Integrity
  • Reputation

Our Values

Shivalik has been technology focussed since inception with consumer centricity as a key guiding principle. The Bank is powered by Infosys Finacle Core Banking and Digital Banking Suite including internet and mobile banking.

Board of Directors

Mr. Shankar Aggarwal

Part-Time Chairman and Independent Director

Mr. Arun Kumar Gupta

Independent Director

Ms. Arundhati Mech

Independent Director

Mr. Dinesh Kumar Mittal

Non-Executive Non-Independent Director

Mr. K. Narasimha Murthy

Independent Director


Mr. Malay Mukherjee

Independent Director

Dr. Shalini Lal

Independent Director

Ms. Veena Hingarh

Independent Director

Mr. Sudhakar Agarwal

Non-Independent Director

Mr. Anshul Swami

Managing Director & CEO

Senior Management

Mr. Anshul Swami

Managing Director & CEO

Mr. Gaurav Mittal

Chief Operating Officer

Mr. Gaurav Seth

Chief Financial Officer

Mr. Navleen Kundra

Chief Risk Officer

Mr. Ankit Khare

Chief Technology Officer

Mr. Pradeep Kumar Shukla

Chief Compliance Officer

Mr. Divya Sethi

Head of Branch Banking

Mr. Ravi Ratnaker Singh

Head of Operations & Customer Service

Mr. Keshav Mishra

Head of Digital Banking

Mr. Neeraj Sati

Head of Financial Inclusion Group

Our Brand

The Shivalik Bank logo blends in the various aspects from nature with the company goals. The image icon in the picture represents earth (the small green moutain/triangle) and sky (the blue on top). It also cannotes reaching for the sky as there is an upward arrow. These aspects hold significance with the company ideals as Shivalik Bank aims for reaching the sky with its feet firmly placed in the ground.

The abstract view of mountains denotes stability, strength and growth. The mountain range that can be seen in the image (mountains behind mountains) reflects progressiveness of the brand. We are inter-related for all our services and our inclusive effort of the team has the strength like that of the mountains. This indicates the strength with which we serve our external and internal customers.

Our Logo

The blue part of the sky denotes the universe which further connotes our prospective clients. This tells a lot about our capabilities and aspirations.
The smooth edge of the blue part in the icon shows our client communication skills that is humble, courteous, professional and approachable.

The green color is inspired from the earthy hues denoting grounded approach at Shivalik Bank. Despite a definite aim towards our constant growth, we don’t put anything before our customers. The “client first” attitude at Shivalik Bank comes from our down to earth approach.

The negative space in between is deliberately left to show Shivalik Bank’s facilitating growth.

Awards & Recognition

Shivalik Bank Certified as Great Place to Work (2022)


Recognized for initiative - 'Technology-led Transition to Small Finance Bank'. Runner-up in the Transformation Excellence category by Infosys Finacle (2021)

'Client Innovation Award for Customer Journey Reimagination and Modern Technology led Innovation’ by Infosys Finacle (2020)

'Banking Service Excellence Award For Technology' by The Karnataka State Co-operative Urban Banks Federation Ltd. (2017)

The Best I.T. Head FCBA Award (2016)

'Certificate of Excellence' by BitStream Mediaworks (2015)

'Young Achiever's Award' by Hindustan Media Ventures

Mr. Suveer Kumar Gupta, the MD & CEO of the Bank has been awarded, The Best Youth CEO under Mid-Sized Co-operative Bank category in the FCBA Awards by Banking Frontiers (2015)

Our Partners