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  • Apply ONLINE for NEFT/RTGS

    You can avoid paying charges for sending NEFT/RTGS. Apply ONLINE for the same and not by hand at

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  • Delhi Clearing

    We participate in Delhi Clearing. Please ask for Delhi Clearing chequebook if you need it. <

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IFSC Codes

Indian Financial System Code (IFS Code) is allotted to all participating banks and branches who are members of Inter-bank Financial System Network in India. Whenever you need to send money to someone's bank account, you need the IFC Code and account number of that person. This 11 digit alpha-numeric code starts with 4 alpha code followed by 7 numeric codes.  However, the 7 numberic digits may consist of some alpha code also.

IFS Code of Shivalik Bank is IBKL0236SMB.

At present, we are a sub-member of the Inter-bank Financial System through another bank - IDBI Bank.  When you want an NEFT or RTGS in your account maintained with us, you can provide this ISC Code to the person who wishes to send NEFT or RTGS to you.

MICR Codes

Magnetic Ink Character Recognition (MICR) Code is the number printed at the bottom of your cheque / DD leaves in a special ink which can be understood by the electronic sensors for easy and quick sorting of these instruments.


1. You are advised not to write anything on the half-inch band at the bottom of your cheque leaf or DD.

2. You should also not fold your instrument. Folded instruments cannot be processed by the sorting machine since they may cause the paper jam in the machine.

3. Please do not put any staple or rubber stamp on this band. The staple may damage the machine. The rubber stamp impression on the 1/2 inch band may confuse the scanner and may cause wrong sorting of the instrument.

If an instrument cannot be sorted in the machine, manual sorting is very time consuming and collection of your upcountry instrument may take several days.  Besides, the bank may also recover its usual charges also for collection of such upcountry cheques.