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ATM cards

Shivalik Bank is issuing ATM-cum-Debit Cards pwered by NPCI under the brand name "Rupay".  At present, the cards can be used at all ATMs and at all PoS in India accepting Rupay cards.  The Rupay logo is displayed in entire length and breadth of the country.

Shivalik Bank is 18th Cooperative Bank in the whole of India offering shopping facility through its Debit card and holds the distinction of being the only coop. bank in Northern India to offer this facility. 

Shivalik Bank's ATM Cards are being issued to all Savings and Current Account holders free of charge. If a card-holder wants additional card for any of his/her family member, the add-on card may also be provided. 

As soon as a Savings or Current Account is opened in the name of an individual / induviduals, an ATM card is issued in the account.  


If you are in urgent need of a card, instant card is handed over to you at the time of opening of the SB or Current Account.  However, customized card with your name embossed over it can be issued which takes 10 to 15 days. 


At the time of opening of the account, the branch will ask you to fill an ATM-cum-Debit Card Application form also. Please fill the same and an instant card can be handed over to you immediately.  You also get another envelop which contains secret PIN for you.  It is generated by computer and not a single bank staff is aware of the number being printed on a PIN mailer. Still, you are suggested to change your PIN at any of our ATMs as soon as possible. 


ATM Card can be used at any of the ATMs of Shivalik Bank or any other Bank having its ATM in any part of the country.  The procedure is summarized below:

  1. Go to any functional ATM near you and enter if there is no one already using the ATM inside the cabin. 
  2. Insert the card correctly (face up) as displayed in the accompanying picture. Take it out.
  3. Follow the instructions on the ATM screen after supplying your secret PIN number, choosing the transaction you want, and supplying other details required to complete your transaction. 



If case you have lost your card, you should request for blocking your card immediately so that it is not misused by anyone to rob you off your money. For blocking and unblocking of your card, please call 022-25711655. Some more numbers are given hereunder for your ready reference.

Some Important Information & Useful Phone Nos.
ATM ID Please contact Timings
For Blocking/Unblocking of ATM Card Call: 022-25711655 Any time,any day.
Non-receipt of cash from ATM Contact your bank branch Business hours
For ATM related help Call: 0132-2727777 9:30 AM to 6:30 PM



ATM Card is highly useful for you for accessing your bank account from remote locations. You can: 

  1. withdraw money from your account.
  2. change your secret PIN.
  3. know the balance available in your account.
  4. transfer money from one account to another.
  5. request for a new chequebook.
  6. ask for mini-statement of your account.
  7. Shopping at 9.53 lac merchant establishments. 
  8. Online shopping for purchase of goods / services from various designated websites which accept "Rupay" cards.


Bank's ATM machine recognises you through your ATM card and the secret PIN.  If someone gets your card and also your secret PIN, he can unauthorisedly use it to rob you of your money.  Therefore, never keep your card and the PIN number together.

Keep changing your secret PIN number if you suspect that someone knows your secret number.

You have a right not to allow any person inside ATM cabin when you are using it.

Never forget to collect your card from the ATM machine.

Please collect your money dispensed by the ATM immediately. Cash, if not collected, cannot be taken in by the machine. Next person coming to the ATM cabin may find your cash lying near the machine.

While shopping with the card, you would be required to punch your secret PIN into the swiping machine.  Please don't disclose your secret PIN to anyone and punch the number yourself.